Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrate National PT Month with Boulet PT and Wellness!

Celebrate National PT Month with Us!
ROGO Sale!
Refer One, Get One

October is National PT Month, and we want to celebrate by offering our ROGO sale all month long! Every time you refer one new patient, you will get one hour-long massage for free. Refer two friends, enjoy two hour-long massages! The more referrals, the more relaxed you'll be!

*The new patient must complete his/her first appointment to receive massage gift.

Make sure to use the hashtag #AgeWell this month to celebrate National PT Month with us. Show your love and support for your physical therapists.

October is National Physical Therapy Month! To celebrate, we will be hosting a Global PT Day of Service for 1st Responders, Police Officers, and Firefighters. During this day, we will provide screenings for injuries and wellness massages on site at our office. Check back for more information on the specific day and time in future newsletters!

December will be a month long Lafayette Animal Aid drive for food/supplies. We will start collecting food/supplies sometime around Thanksgiving. Check back for when and where to bring your food/supplies. 

Ph. (337) 264-9856

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Let Agave Mexican Grill & Cantina Handle Your Holidays!

It's the Most Wonderful 
Time of the Year
. . . unless you're the host! Then the most wonderful time of the year becomes the most hectic time of the year. All of a sudden you're responsible for preparing the four-course menu, developing the right ambience, and maintaining the status of a warm and pleasant host throughout the night. When do you get to actually enjoy the holiday season for yourself? We're here to tell you that it is finally your turn to relax, because we know how to handle the holidays.

Here's How We Handle The Holidays:
If you're interested, NOW is the perfect time to start planning!

Appetizer Combo - $19.95
Chicken and Sausage Kababs , Beef chimi, BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, Beef Flautas, S.W. Seafood Egg Rolls, Salad, Chips and Salsa.

Fajita Combo - $23.95
Steak and Chicken Fajitas (served with all the trimmings), Cheese Enchilada, Rice, Bean Dip, Salad, Chips and Salsa.

Deluxe Fajita Combo - $26.95
Fajita Combo with soup (Corn and Crab bisque or Tortilla Soup), and Salad.

Chef Special - $29.95
BBQ Ribs, (Roasted pablano and balsamic honey BBQ sauce), Blackened Tilapia, Crab Cakes, Southwests Mashed Potatoes, Grilled veggies, Salad , Chips and Salsa

Southwest Seafood Combo - $29.95
Crab Cakes, Tortilla Battered Tilapia, Southwest Seafood Egg Roll, Shrimp Quesadilla, Corn and Crab Bisque, Salad, and Salsa

Holiday Special - $29.95
Southwest Stuffed Turkey, Brisket, Southwest Jambalaya, Corn Succotash, Southwest Corn Grits, Candy Sweet Potatoes with Pecan and Roasted Marshmallows, Spinach Salad, Salad, Chips and Salsa


We won't only cater your holiday party, we'll host it too!
Having the annual holiday gathering in your home is a lot of work. Our suggestion? Move the party to our home instead! All of our Agave locations have ample room for large parties, so pick your favorite one and make a reservation.
To start planning a holiday party at Agave Downtown, 
call 289-0000.
If you want to celebrate the season at Agave on Bertrand, 
call 889-5540.
For fall festivities at the Agave located in Parc Lafayette, 
call 534-0774.
Any of our locations will be glad to take your 
holiday stress into our expert hands. 

Not Quite Convinced?
Don't see anything here that fits your specific needs? No problem! We believe EVERY holiday experience should be unique, and our services can achieve that. Whether it be through Agave or our sister restaurant, Zeus, we'd be happy to design something specific that will satisfy your tastes and budget. 

Happy Holidays! We'll see you soon!
200 E. Vermillion St. | 525 Bertrand Dr. |1919 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Honor Ginger Louviere at the WWMB Awards Luncheon

The Women Who Mean Business (WWMB) Awards Luncheon is recognizing nine Louisiana women for outstanding business performance. In an article written by Christiaan Mader in ABiz covering these successful women, you will find that one of them is Ginger Louviere, the owner and operator of Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa. Mader describes Louviere as a primped up business woman and Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, as a proper business through and through. There is no surprise there, since Louviere was one of the first people to be licensed to practice massage in Louisiana. Starting as just a hobby after the kids moved out, Louviere has since surpassed all of the statistics of gender pay inequality in Louisiana with Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa.

Even before Louviere was the owner of an award-winning salon and spa, she was tending to skincare needs for years. Though she started out in nursing, Louviere made the career switch to esthetics. Her time in this field was under the titles Medical Esthetician with DermaTronics, a Certified Esthetics Trainer for AVEDA, and a Certified Medical Esthetics Trainer for Cosmedix Medical Esthetics. All of this led her to Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa. 

Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, is an 8,500 square foot facility and a full service salon and spa located at 2319 Kaliste Saloom Road in Lafayette. Her goal with her new facility was to create an oasis that catered to men and women of all walks of life. There are nearly 100 services offered including hair, make up, nails, body treatments, facials, and so much more. Louviere keeps all of the services up to date at Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, with all the latest skin treatments that can’t be found elsewhere. She wants to make sure that her customers are never disappointed with their options or service, including other spa owners who use Louviere’s services. She even takes the time to practice with her customers regularly, as well as bring the latest technology, products and training, to continue to meet her high standards.

Louviere has come far, to the point of benefits, insurance, and advanced staff education for the employees at Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa. Louviere’s spa teaches a course that is mandatory of all the employees called Salon and Spa Business 101. This course teaches the business part of working in such an environment. No wonder Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, has been nationally recognized by Louisiana Economic Development and 2012’s Louisiana Small and Emerging Business of the Year!

Business venture aside, Louviere and her husband, Danna, enjoy being grandparents that love spending time with family and friends. She is not only loved by her family, but she is also cherished by her customers, who often refer to her as a friend and confidant. Louviere has a unique ability to bring peace to the soul, while treating the body.

Even with her current accomplishments and accolades, Louviere is always looking for ways to improve, which makes it easy to see why she is so successful. Her goal is to change the impression given by cosmetology. Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, strives to make cosmetology a first choice instead of the last option. 

October Calendar of Events from the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association

Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association would like to share the following list of dates of interest to Louisiana horsemen and women.
Brought to you by Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders AssociationPeach Lane FarmsClear Creek Stud, and Hunt Studios Click images link to more information
Oct 1
  • ·       Louisiana Champions Day Early Bird Nominations are due
  • ·       2015-16 Membership Dues are now past due. Fees are now $85.  
Oct. 5
  • ·       Fair Grounds, Deadline for Stall Application
Oct 15
  • ·       Louisiana Horse Stallion Register Stallion Submissions are due
  • ·       Louisiana Horse Stallion Register Farm and Service Directory submissions are due along with payment
  • ·       Breeders’ Cup Standard Foal Nominations Due
  • ·       Breeders’ Cup 4th Quarter Stallion Payments Due (North American)
Oct 16
  • ·       Delta Downs 2015-16 Thoroughbred Meet opens. Wednesdays-Saturdays. 
  • Post Time 5:40
  • ·       Louisiana Horse Fall 2015 Issue Ad Placement Deadline
Oct. 19
  • ·       LTBA Board of Directors Meeting, 12:30 pm. • Location in Lafayette area TBA  
  • ·       Fair Grounds, Barn Area Opens
  • ·       Fair Grounds, Training Begins
  • ·       Breeders’ Cup Pre-Entry Deadline for Breeders’ Cup World Championships at Keeneland
Oct. 23
  • ·       My Trusty Cat S., Delta Downs, 7 furlongs for 2yo fillies, $100,000G
Oct. 24
  • ·       Jean Lafitte S., Delta Downs, 7 furlongs for yos, $200,000G
Oct. 26
  • ·       Breeders’ Cup Entry Deadline for Breeders’ Cup World Championships
Oct. 30
  • ·       Magnolia S., Delta Downs, 1 mile for 3yo and up La-bred fillies,  $100,000G
Oct. 31
  • ·       Gold Cup, Delta Downs, 1mile for 3yo and up La-breds,  $100,000G
Oct. 30-31
  • ·       Breeders’ Cup World Championships
Would you like to sponsor a newsletter? Reach more than 3,000 readers.
Please contact Linda 985-386-0360, linda@louisianabred.com or Roger 504-947-4676, roger@louisianabred.comfor cost and availability.
Do you have a date pertaining to Louisiana-breds that you would like included in an upcoming calendar? Please contact Linda 985-386-0360, linda@louisianabred.com or Roger 504-947-4676, roger@louisianabred.com for consideration.
Any questions or need more info call 
Roger A. Heitzmann III, Secretary/Treasurer
Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sale Alert at Tri-Running!

The season is changing and so is our inventory! 
Stop by Tri-Running Lafayette today and enjoy both of the following discounts until next Thursday:

ALL in-stock shoes 20% off
ALL in-stock apparel 50% off

This means that brands like:


and more of your favorites are ALL available at discounted prices. 
We guarantee that at these prices our merchandise will not last long. 
Stop by and see us! We are open until 6PM today and from 10AM-5PM tomorrow.
Sale time is the perfect time to Tri-Running!
Did you know?
Running shoes should be changed out every 300-500 miles. Even though they may still look new on the outside, they are losing support on the inside!


Don't worry...we've kept those records for you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stay Relaxed and Injury Free this Sports Season with Boulet PT and Wellness!

Stay Relaxed & Injury Free!
Student athletes are getting into full swing for their sports seasons. Football, soccer, volleyball, and cross-country are well under way. With students having just come off of a long summer break, it's important to practice good technique in sports to prevent sports injuries from happening. Everyone follows the age-old saying "don't forget to stretch." Stetching alone, however, does not prevent injury. Follow these 5 tips below for staying safe in sports.
Tip 1: Warm Up 
Preparing for any intense activity is best done by warming up the body by doing a similar activity at less intensity. As the saying goes, you have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. The same goes for sports. Start off slow to allow your body tissues and muscles to heat up and become pliable.
Tip 2: Get Enough Sleep
Being tired is a major cause of injury in sports. Sleep deprivation is often overlooked as a problem in injury or pain, but not getting enough sleep can be dangerous. Next time Coach says to "rest up" before the big game, make sure to listen. Getting a good night's sleep will allow your body to function properly during the game without the strain sleep deprivation can cause.
Tip 3: Cultivate Coordination
A lot of traumatic injuries occur from lack of coordination. Developing good coordination takes time and practice. Doing coordination building exercises daily will increase your overall coordination and help to prevent injury in a game.
Tip 4: Relax
Being able to adapt quickly and easily helps prevent injury as well. Being too tense or too rigid causes the body to lock up. If your body is not at ease, it will not have the full range of motion needed to conduct the physical activity. The more relaxed you can be, the looser your body will be and the better it will function in sports.
Tip 5: Play Smart, Not Hard
Sometimes injuries are caused by effort that is overexerted or mis-directed. Knowing when to utilize force and intensity is important. Playing smarter and using tactical game moves allows you to save your energy for the plays that do require more work. Save the intensity for the moments that need it and keep your body focused and relaxed.
Stick to these 5 tips, and your injury prevention should greatly increase. Leave the stretches for after the game to cool down, and never solely rely on just one of these methods to stay safe. Each plays an important role in injury prevention and all should be used regularly across all sports. Just remember to start slow, rest up, stay loose and relaxed, and play smart! 
October is National Physical Therapy Month! To celebrate, we will be hosting a Global PT Day of Service for 1st Responders, Police Officers, and Firefighters. During this day, we will provide screenings for injuries and wellness massages on site at our office. Check back for more information on the specific day and time in future newsletters!

December will be a month long Lafayette Animal Aid drive for food/supplies. We will start collecting food/supplies sometime around Thanksgiving. Check back for when and where to bring your food/supplies. 
Ph. (337) 264-9856

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Monday, September 21, 2015

EatLafayette is 11 Years Strong

You've done it again. You, the reader of this newsletter, are the reason the EatLafayette campaign has been a huge success again this year. EatLafayette is a summer celebration of our local eateries and this year's achievements are worthy of a celebration. Whether you are a participant, sponsor, blogger, friend, follower or taste tester of EatLafayette, we want you to know one thing: this could not be done without YOU.

In wrapping up this year's campaign, we have a few announcements to make:

First, the Beer Appétit Challenge Live Event

And the winner is... EVERYONE who participated. Honestly, teaming up with Schilling Distributing Company we've raised over $1000 at the Live Event alone for the Acadiana Chapter of the American Red Cross. We are still calculating what the individual restaurants raised during the month long challenge! Every single restaurant and chef who participated in this event won over the hearts (and tummies) of Acadiana. 
Officially though, we did have a few outstanding players:
People's Choice: Artmosphere Bistro
This award was given to the restaurant who got the most "votes" from the attendees of the Live Event.
Artmosphere raised $96 alone in votes last Wednesday.
Judge's Award: Jefferson Street Pub
A panel of judges ranging from professional food writers to local brewmeisters tasted all of the dishes and deemed JSP's smoked duck breast on a lotus bun with Gnarly Barley hoisin sauce superior to the other competing entries.
Challenge Award: Saint Street Inn
This award was given to the restaurant who raised the most money throughout the course of the Beer Appétit Challenge. Saint Street Inn has been active since day one, and it was our pleasure to crown head chef Ashley Roussel as the Challenge Champion.
We can't wait to see all of you guys defend your titles this time next year.

Second, the Trip Giveaway from Travel Machine

After the campaign officially ends, we know what's really on everyone's minds. Who won the trip to Cancun?! Rest assured, we will be working hard all week to pick up every last entry box from all 100+ restaurant locations. Keep your phones close and your inboxes open, because we will be picking a winner VERY soon.

Finally, remember to Eat, Eat, Eat Lafayette

Summer is officially over and technically so is the campaign, but EatLafayette never really ends! Our local restaurants want you, need you, and love you all year long. We urge you to keep eating local, because you deserve good food and our eateries deserve good customers! Our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages will still be there for suggestions, and so will EatLafayette.Com. When it comes to Eating Lafayette, we'll ALWAYS be there for you.
Cheers to a great campaign and we'll see you next year!