Monday, March 16, 2009

Calzone to the Rescue.

When a group of horse owners gathered together at the races, the idea of the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association was born. The mission of our group is to ensure that every horse has a loving home after they have finished racing and breeding.

Horses have wonderful temperaments and a willingness to please. They are extremely versatile and have the ability to perform various tasks requested of them. The beauty and disposition of the horse will bring so much joy to a new owner. From pulling a buggy, being a riding horse or even a pasture pet who simply loves to nuzzle, they will give the new owner great satisfaction and pleasure.

Our group never wants any horse to be unwanted or unloved. So please help us in our endeavor. Through education and hands on training we can teach these new owners to fully appreciate their horses.

No horse should go unwanted or unloved. The Louisiana Horse Rescue Association needs your support to help rescue horses from being slaughtered and abused.

That's why we are developing their website and marketing tools. Everyone knows the boss has a soft spot for horses.

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