Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 Gold Addys and Special Judges' Award

We are so excited about last night's Addy Awards. Our electronic was the only work awarded the highest awards - Gold Addys. The two were won for the LAspecs Distinctive Eyewear :30 second TV commercial and original music score. The judging committee told us that they judges asked to see the commercial over and over, again. They also called to confirm that the music was original because they just couldn't believe it was.

We believe. Dat's Who!

LAspecs commercial. Calzone/Brian C. Miller Richard. Original music score by "Trio Del Ri" Philip Gould, Fawn Roy, & Chris Roy. Starring Paloma Reyes, Hunter Burke, Jean Denis, Tiffany Richard, Ryan, associate and wardrobe from JoS. A. Bank Clothier.

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