Thursday, June 17, 2010


These days, Dads are hooked on spa treatments just as much as moms and because of this men have become a vital part of the spa industry.

The men’s grooming market continues to expand, despite the economic downturn during the past few years. Men actually account for as much as 48% of the spa-going population, according to Wellness Capital Management.

Men are just as much into anti-aging and grooming services specific to them as those services that are specific to women AND they love the comfort factor. Guys may not need the frills that female clients need but adding a little masculine design with treatments and relaxation areas specifically designated for men are becoming more and more popular. Men seem to be more willing to disclose their age-related concerns once they are safely behind closed doors and our licensed aestheticians are trained to address these needs with facials designed specifically for men.

Image Is Everything

More than one-third of American men surveyed said they rely on a grooming routine to look more professional, according to the healthcare firm Allergan. One-quarter indicated that their grooming regimes help them to maintain a competitive edge in the workplace. Men today embrace nail services to appear well groomed which helps to boost their professional image.

Contrary to prevailing machismo attitude of recent decades, men throughout history have taken pride in their grooming habits. Ancient Egyptian men used face serums and creams, and exhumed tombs later uncovered pharaohs who were buried with these potions for the afterlife. In Renaissance-era England, men used face powders and moisturizers infused with herbs and flowers. Grooming products for men continued to flourish during the 19th and 20 centuries with an array of pomades, lotions and potions. And like so many trends-from fashion to food- male grooming gained popularity and shed its “girly man” stigma in Europe, Asia and Africa before slowly making its way to the United States.

Spa Mizan has incorporated masculine elements into our tropical Balinese design to make guys feel more comfortable and relaxed. Men love our men’s suite decked out with Internet access, and a 52” flat-screen TV where they can experience private services while watching their favorite sports event, keeping up with the stock market or simply enjoy the peaceful sounds of their favorite spa music.

The #1 requested service, across the board for men in the spa industry is massage. 73% of men surveyed selected massage as the most preferred spa treatment. Understanding the hobbies and pastimes of men allows the therapist to develop a more personalized treatment designed to address specific needs of each guest. Men who take their sports seriously often incorporate regular massage as part of their training. Massage for golfers and runners helps to improve flexibility by targeting specific muscles. The therapist can tailor each treatment to release tension and improve flexibility by using different techniques before and after the athletic event.

So if you are still not sure what to get Dad this Father’s Day, why not treat him to his veryown day at Spa Mizan. Special men’s packages are available and can be viewed on our web-site at

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