Monday, October 4, 2010

Times just flies when you are productive, creative and busy. Our client roster has expanded tremendously since our last post on this blog. You will see the results of those acquisitions here and on our website.

We are passionate about what we do and that allows us to make a difference for all of the businesses, organizations and people we touch.

We have evolved as highly skilled social media marketers in addition to the "conventional" marketing channels. When you think about it, social media marketing is nothing more than an extension of direct and niche marketing. Both allow us to deliver messages in a timely manner and with a frequency that can mirror standard media placement.

The end game is to create community and customers for our clients. It takes time, but there is certainly a critical mass mark for each project we develop. Once that mark is reached, then it rolls at a faster rate. What helps is being able to measure all of it.

We've also taken a huge step into cloud computing in order to ensure we are all looking at the same data without having to access a single computer.

What we hope is that all of the technology creates opportunities for customers to look up from their PDAs and computers to stop and smell the roses. We want to open their eyes to the experience that is real life.

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