Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Social Database - That's What We're Talking About!

We all know that electronic newsletters and social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are crucial elements in marketing a business these days. We at Calzone are always working to make these components flow together seamlessly so that our clients can get information to their customers efficiently.

One way we like to do this is with a Facebook application that allows Fans to sign-up for electronic newsletters directly from a Facebook Business Page. Facebook users interact with a Facebook Business Page as intimately as they would a website these days, so why wouldn't we give them the opportunity to ask for more information and communication with a brand? It builds contact database within the social community!

A simple Facebook app ties directly to the electronic newsletter manager, and can sort users who sign up through Facebook into their own list, so business owners know who is interacting with their brand via Facebook.

We absolutely love the connectivity of media and they way it helps to create stronger brands!

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