Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Websites Created and Launched by Calzone.

Calzone was hired to created to highly specialized websites.Baronne Veterinary Clinic is a medical and surgical equine facility located in Sunset, Louisiana. The practice works throughout Southwest Louisiana and the New Orleans area. The veterinarians tend to the top sport and race horses in Louisiana.

Baronne Veterinary Clinic utilizes new technologies and the latest medical and therapeutic treatments for the benefits of its equine patients. The Clinic offers wellness and rehabilitation methodologies that keep the equine athlete healthy for competition and pleasure. Veterinarians focus on client education because they believe that the horse owner is an integral part of the process.

The Maximum Performance product line contains products for designed for horses of all ages. From muscle development and enhanced training ability to prevention of OCD and arthritis production, Maximum Performance will benefit your horse's entire athletic career. The Maximum Performance line of products contains only pure bio-active pharmaceutical grade ingredients and none of the cheap additives and fillers that manufacturers lace their products with to bring their cost down.

These highly bio-active nutrients are seen in many products on the market but rarely in their therapeutic doses.

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