Thursday, June 23, 2011

The atmosphere and vibe is a little different. It's old Hollywood glam.

7 Chics provides women with fun, glam

Written by
Amanda McElfresh
The Advertiser, Lafayette, LA


7 Chics is located at 201 Settlers Trace Blvd., Suite 3003. For more information, visit or call (337) 704-2632.

A new boutique shop in River Ranch is offering customers more than just a selection of clothing.

"The atmosphere and vibe is a little different. It's old Hollywood glam," 7 Chics owner Francine Richard said. "It's about the treatment you're getting."

Patrons are treated to soft drinks, wine and mimosas each day, and the shop also provides hair-styling and makeup services to all customers. Appointments are needed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but walk-ins are welcome on other days.

"We'll stay as late as you need to stay. Nobody's going to rush you out the door," Richard said.

The concept for 7 Chics came to Richard after a group of her close friends helped her through some hard times, in part by joining her for impromptu house parties that included dressing up, hair and makeup, and heading out for a night on the town. Thinking that a store might be able to offer the same kind of relaxed and fun atmosphere, Richard decided to strike out into the business world.

It took a little thinking to come up with the name, but Richard said she always wanted to use the title to pay tribute to her close-knit group.

"I always called them 'chickie' or 'chick,' and it came out to six people. I didn't like the number six, and then I realized we had a seventh because I didn't even count myself," Richard said. "It came out perfect."

Richard said she's also focused on offering items at various price points and a range of clothes that appeal to different age groups. In addition, several gift items including candles, aprons and wine glasses are available.

"I've got 18-year-olds and people my mom's age who shop in my store," she said. "It's going to cater a little more to people in their late 20s to 40s, but we have something for everybody."

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