Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Academy of Interactive Entertainment Brings New Workforce Opportunity to Petroleum Industry

Graduates of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Offer Valued Skills for Model and Analysis

(Lafayette, La.) - The Academy of Interactive Entertainment's (AIE) new campus in Lafayette, Louisiana brings a new opportunity of advancement to the Gulf Coast petroleum industry. Graduates of AIE are skilled in visualizing geo-spatial data, spatial representations of real-world objects and generating business intelligence from data visualization, making them vital in an advanced approach to quickly understanding business implications and opportunities through in-house software development and analysis.

According to Dr. Chris Erhardt, Head of Schools in the United States for AIE, their graduates can accomplish a multitude of tasks useful to the petroleum industry. They can work with analysts to assess the impact of projects, examine numerous implementation options and estimate resource requirements, quickly identify cost reduction and business process improvement opportunities, develop in-house quick-decision dashboards to forecast and project business implications or opportunities and create simulations to show economic trends in oil and gas and what can effect oil prices. AIE graduates can also develop in-house 3D data modeling and visualization as a tool for improving communication and simulating complex geological and petrophysical structures and processes.

Data visualization in the petroleum industry can aid in detection of unauthorized intrusion into pipeline right-of-ways and in meeting the pipeline Safety Act of 1992 requirements of identifying facilities in sensitive and high-density populations areas, maintaining maps and records of the identified information, and providing the information to those state and federal officials who request it. (Source: http://www.epa.gov/oem/docs/oil/fss/fss06/roper_1.pdf)

With an AIE graduate, instead of spending millions on initial software, required training, maintenance and a trained analyst to operate it, companies can have purpose-built tools for analysts and real-time dashboards, using in-house software and in-house data.

The skills AIE graduates can provide to the petroleum industry include the ability to monitor potential waste implications and environmental risks, determine optimum facility placement or resource location, track well log editing, residual velocity analysis, and amplitude-versus-offset analysis, as well as share 3D views, animations, and analyses with stakeholders and decision-makers.

Founded in 1996, AIE is a two-year training college that offers courses in game art, design, and programming as well as film and 3D design and visual effects. While many graduates are advancing into the gaming industry workforce, many are seeking careers in other fields, such as medical simulations, educational tools, and petroleum industry solutions.

For more information about the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, visit the website at www.theAIE.us or contact Dr. Chris Erhardt at 206.428.6350 or by email at chrise@aie.edu.au. Prospective students interested in the Lafayette campus can call 337.476.1565.

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