Tuesday, January 10, 2012

True admirers love you whether you win or lose.

Yes. Geaux Tigers! I, for one, am never going to criticize Coach Miles for hanging onto his quarterback until the bitter end - even when the outcome was not a win.

How many times have all of us hung on to an employee, vendor, client, customer, friend or whatever relationship when it was not going in a good direction?

Defeat is not failure. It is a lesson learned. Period!

It was so apparent from the beginning that the winning thinking wasn't there. A belief is only a thought. When we think about what we want, we get more of what we want. When we think of what we don't want, we get more of what we don't want.

Simple. Easy. Hard lesson. For sure.

Our ULL Ragin Cajuns won their first bowl game because they were taught to win. Yes, they were fast and aggressive, but it was their winning attitude that gave them the championship.

It is so hard sometimes to maintain positivity when your worst fears are becoming a reality. But I have learned that it doesn't matter how you react in that moment that matters, it is how you behave after that moment that matters.

We all matter. We are all enough.

The LSU Tigers matter as a team and as individuals. They were enough this season. They are enough.

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