Monday, March 31, 2014

Calzone and Boulet Volunteer and Sponsor Hydration Station for First Annual Zydeco Marathon

The teams from Calzone and Boulet Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute had a great time on Sunday volunteering for the first annual Zydeco Marathon!

The Zydeco Marathon volunteers were so helpful, providing everything we needed to run a successful Hydration Station.
Check out all the water for the runners!

Dunn's Furniture and Interiors happily provided a tent for us to use at our station to provide a place of shade for the volunteers!

We were up so early to prepare for the runners - it was still dark outside while we were setting up!

Despite the very early start, everyone was thrilled to work together and volunteer. Refreshments provided by Coca-Cola helped!

Happy team photos!

Calzone and Boulet were so thankful for the experience to volunteer for such a wonderful and fun event. Sponsoring the Zydeco Marathon was something we will never forget!

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