Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Breaking Through the Noise

Breaking Through the Noise

How many advertisements do consumers come in contact with each day? Let’s see. With television commercials, billboards, radio broadcasts and maybe those inside their mailbox, that’s got to be about 50, right? Actually, studies show that it is many more than that. Some researchers believe that each consumer is the victim of over 3,000 marketing attacks each day. Of these 3,000, how many could they possibly notice? More importantly, how many of these could they possibly act on? Our guess is not many.

It’s time to break through the noise.

 We, at Calzone & Associates, are doing just that. We understand that this is anew age of advertising and that old strategies must be adapted and reworked to remain competitive. The consumers of this era are fast-forwarding through commercials, streaming their ad-free playlists, and just glancing at print media. How do we divert all of those eyes from the endless list of smart devices? It’s very simple. We don’t. We bring the ads to them through social media marketing.

Here at the office, we have been embracing all forms of social networking. We encourage our clients to participate in all of the different realms and aid them in doing so. Tri-Running Lafayette now has over 5,000 Facebook friends, one of the highest among its local competition, due to our recent ad campaign. We post a new dish on the EatLafayette Instagram, and the only thing busier than our account is the featured restaurant’s lunch hour. ShopLafayette is on Pinterest,Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro is on Twitter, and we will be delving into other social media facets sooner than you think. Vine, maybe even Snapchat... who knows!

We are figuratively and literally making the connection with the consumer on behalf of our clients. Let them put on their headphones and drown out all the other noise...

We’ll tweet them later.


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