Friday, May 15, 2015


Everyone knows that Calzone lives and loves Lafayette. We ShopLafayetteTM and we most certainly EatLafayetteTM, but did you know that we also RecruitLafayette? It’s true. We gather our talent right here at home, from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and all places Louisiana.

With that being said, congratulations are in order. Today, the graduation ceremony for the university is taking place at the Cajundome. Many young, brilliant minds will walk that stage, receive their diplomas, and begin the transition into our professional community. To them, we offer this: Congratulations and welcome to our world.

We believe in Lafayette and in ULL. In fact, several working within our office have been affiliated with the university in some way.

Julie Calzone, our CEO, is originally from New York but moved to Lafayette in pursuit of career achievements. USL, now ULL, recruited her as Coordinator of Campus Programs. That pursuit led her here and kept her here, because Lafayette is home. Julie is an advertising expert, a marketing machine and a horse enthusiast. Though she obviously dabbles across the board, she spent a portion of her career here working for the university.

Megan Gonzales is from Luling, LA, but moved here to attend ULL. Over the course of earning her Bachelor’s Degree, she fell in love with this city. She graduated in Graphic Design, now runs the show in the office, and is developing a future here in Lafayette.  


Luke Marcantel is a ULL Marketing graduate. Notably the most personable among us, Luke is both social media savvy and the office comic relief. Our graphic designer, Rachel Rodrigue, earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the university as well. Rachel is a new mother, but she barely skipped a beat. Her balance of motherhood and creative work is impressive to all who witness it. We also have three interns on the rise! Kristyn Alleman (a public relations major), Ashley McClure and Brittany Sam (both advertising majors) are all graduating from ULL this fall.

Our office is booming with local talent. Creativity thrives here, quality flourishes, and we harness those attributes to deliver a product that our clients can’t find anywhere else. The talent is developed right here, and Calzone is dedicated to projecting that talent nationally.

Congratulations to all of you graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette today, because Lafayette is on the map, and that now includes you.

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