Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Waitr App Offers New Ways For Guests to Order From EatLafayette Restaurants.

There is a new app coming to Lafayette to help restaurants grow sales and broaden their customer base and its called Waitr. Waitr launched in Lake Charles in January and has over 4000 users and has been testing an App for the 2015 campaign and is on board as a sponsor. Restaurants are paying $1500 to sign up with Waitr but Waitr is offering special pricing for you and the first 6 months are FREE during Eat Lafayette Promotion.
Click here to view the presentation for EatLafayette restaurants. They launched Dean O's both locations, Poor Boy's Riverside Inn, Little River Inn, 2 Pauls Radically Urban BBQ, Broadus Burgers, and are currently on boarding other EatLafayette restaurants. Their television advertising started this week and they already have over 300 downloads of the App in Lafayette just this week since the advertising started.
The usage stats below are Lake Charles and Lafayette combined:
  • Orders via the App are averaging over 250 per week.
  • Average order per person is $19.78 which is over 39% over the National average for takeout dining.
  • Average tips are at 19% on takeout orders which is well over the National average of 8% on takeout orders.
One additional benefit they are providing in Lake Charles and will start next week in Lafayette is delivery. They have secured a Lafayette manager who will be in Lafayette and will provide delivery services for the restaurants that are EatLafayette members and are on the Waitr platform.
Unlike Take Out Express, which charges the restaurants as much as 25 to 30% of the order to deliver, they do not charge the restaurant any fee for delivery. The customer pays the delivery price of $4.99. Currently 2 Pauls, Dean O's South, Riverside and Little River have agreed to the delivery service which will begin next week.
They have approached the hotels in the River Ranch area and will partner with them to provide in room dining via delivery for their guests for those that order from the Waitr App. The hotels are excited about this because it gives them an added benefit to provide in room dining for their guest even though they do not have restaurants in their hotels.
Feel free to contact Julius Meaux with questions or to sign up.
Julius Meaux
Business Development
(214) 284-4228

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