Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Make the Most Out of EatLafayette!

How To Make the Most Out of EatLafayette!
Now that the 2015 EatLafayette Campaign is in action, it’s probably a good idea to remind everyone how to make the most out of it! You need to visit our website for specials, promotions and events. You need to find us on social media in order to get quick news and updates on the go. Finally, you need to keep up with these newsletters for weekly spotlighted deals. Now, you’re ready to EatLafayette.
This Week’s Featured Specials
Alesi Pizza House:
Free appetizer or dessert (excluding sampler appetizer) with the purchase of 
the "Pizza La Mike" (the large works pizza) and two antipasta salads.
 Antoni’s Italian Café:
$12 set price menu –
1.) Cup of Tomato soup and Basil Chicken Salad
2.) choice of salad and two meatballs over pasta
3.) choice of salad and 20-ingredient calzone
Get a Blues Burger for lunch with a drink for only $6.
 For the complete list of 2015 EatLafayette dine-in specials, click here.
 This Week’s Featured Promotions
Monday - The Acadiana Cane Cutters at Southside Bakery (On W. Congress)
Stop by for a meet and greet with Cane Cutters baseball players from 11am-2pm! 
Grab a hot dog while you’re there.
 Tuesday - Follow The Bottle at Office Hours Sandwich Shop (On Pinhook)
Look for the huge Coca-Cola bottle outside of Office Hours Sandwich Shop from 11am-2pm 
and enjoy the "Boss" Burger, Fries and a Coke for $5. (regular $9.67)
Wednesday – Follow The Bottle at Urbano’s Taqueria (On Pinhook)
Look for the huge Coca-Cola bottle outside of Urbano's Taqueria from 
11am-2pm and enjoy Taco Tuesday on a Wednesday! ANY taco and a coke for $5!
Some of the deals our EatLafayette restaurants are offering cannot be beat. Make sure you subscribe to the Facebook events for both the Cane Cutters and Follow The Bottle promotions to ensure that you never miss out on the discounts! 
We can’t thank our sponsors enough for making EatLafayette possible!
 Add our Snapchat account by username (eatlafayette15) or by scanning the QR code below in your Snapchat app! Join us for this week’s Selfies With The Bottle or our visit with Super Taters & More! on Wednesday!
Finally, we'd like to grant a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all of
the EatLafayette Restaurants who placed in this year's Times of Acadiana Best of 2015
Agave Cantina
First Place – Best Mexican Cuisine
First Place – Best Outdoor Dining
 Alesi’s Italian Restaurant
Third Place – Best Italian Cuisine
 Blue Dog Café
First Place – Best Buffet
First Place – Best Sunday Brunch
 Charley G’s
Second Place – Best Romantic Restaurant
 Chef Gregory’s Food Truck
Second Place – Best Food Truck
 Chris’ Poboy’s
Second Place – Best Poboy
Third Place – Best Gumbo
Coyote Blues
Second Place – Best Mexican Cuisine
Dark Roux
Third Place – Best New Restaurant
DeanO’s Pizza
First Place – Best Lunch Spot
First Place – Best Pizza 

Third Place – Best Kid Friendly Restaurant

Don's Seafood Hut 
First Place – Best Gumbo
Second Place – Best Seafood Platter
Dwight’s Restaurant
First Place – Best Plate Lunch
Second Place – Best Barbecue
Third Place – Best Boiled Crawfish
Dwyer’s Café 
Third Place – Best Rice and Gravy
Fat Pat’s Bar & Grill
First Place – Best Hot Dog
Second Place – Best Hamburger
Fezzo’s Seafood & Steakhouse
First Place – Best Cajun Restaurant
First Place – Best Seafood Platter
 Second Place – Best Gumbo
Third Place – Best Red Beans & Rice
Third Place – Best Restaurant Dessert
Hook & Boil
Second Place – Best New Restaurant
Third Place – Best Lunch Spot
 Hot Dawg Stop
Third Place – Best Hot Dog
Third Place – Best Chef
Third Place – Best Romantic Restaurant
First Place – Best Restaurant Dessert
Third Place – Best Deli
 Johnson’s Boucaniere
Third Place – Best Barbecue
Judice Inn
First Place – Best Hamburger
Second Place – Best Buffet
 La Pizzeria
Third Place – Best Pizza
 Legends Annex
Second Place – Best Happy Hour
 Mel’s Diner
First Place – Best Late Night Dining
Olde Tyme Grocery
First Place – Best Deli 
First Place – Best Poboy
Poor Boy’s Riverside Inn
Second Place – Best Cajun Restaurant
Third Place – Best Seafood Platter
Poupart Bakery
Third Place – Best Bakery
Third Place – Best King Cake
 Prejean’s Restaurant
Third Place – Best Cajun Restaurant
 Sandra’s Café & Health Food Store
Third Place – Best Vegetarian Menu
 The Lab Handcrafted Coffee and Comforts
Third Place – Best Coffee House
First Place – Best Sushi
First Place – Best Asian Cuisine
 Twin’s Burgers and Sweets Third Place – Best Hamburger
Zeus Café
First Place – Best Greek/Mediterranean Cuisine

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