Friday, June 12, 2015

Vol. II: Equine Chiropractic Evaluation & Treatment

Equine Chiropractic Evaluation and Treatment
My chiropractic evaluation and treatment consultation typically includes:

For New Patients:
- Stationment, or a description of the patient including:  name, age, gender, breed, color, and any unique markings.
- History and chief complaints including: Location, date of onset, duration, exacerbations, remissions, previous medical, and chiropractic history.  Handedness of the rider, and the side of the body on which the patient (horse) most frequently sleeps.

For New and Established Patients:
- A brief updated history of the patient’s activities, your observations, the level of training, and any changes in performance since the previous consultation.
- Observation of the patient’s postural adaptation to the environment.  Static and motion palpation of the spine, and primary musculoskeletal system to help locate areas of restricted range of motion, as well as areas of pain.
- Spinal testing with the Activator - a chiropractic adjusting instrument which in quadrupeds can also be used for testing and sometimes treating areas of the spine that are subluxated.  Subluxations are fixated vertebrae that can cause abnormal function, and frequently also cause nerve root irritation and pain.
- Gait analysis:  Observation of posture and movement at stance, initiation of gait, and during various gaits as needed to demonstrate the degree of spinal soundness.
- Formulate an assessment of my impressions as a result of the evaluation regarding the patient’s current biomechanical state.
- Manual adjustments of the spine, pelvis, and extremities to reduce subluxations, or what are sometimes referred to as fixations, or being “out of alignment.”
- Determine assignments for the client, (you) to perform with the patient between chiropractic visits to augment the patient’s rehabilitation, optimize performance, and to improve soundness.
- Create a detailed written Report of Findings for the patient’s chiropractic records.
- Create an Evaluation and Treatment Summary of my findings which is provided for you to have as a general overview of the findings, treatment, and recommendations formulated during each visit.  If you would like a copy of the more detailed data recorded for my records, please give me a call.
- A follow-up appointment date is scheduled as needed.

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Dr. Lance E. Cleveland
Animal Chiropractor

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