Monday, August 31, 2015

Counting Down the Days of EatLafayette

Tomorrow is the first day of September, and with the changing season comes the last few weeks of the EatLafayette campaign. Don't worry! Our great restaurants aren't going anywhere. We encourage you to continue eating local year-round, but the 2015 campaign officially ends on September 20th. In other words, you only have three weeks left to take advantage of EatLafayette specials, events and promotions. 
This Week’s Featured EatLafayette Specials 
Complimentary beignets with the purchase of an entrée. Limit one per table.
La Pizzeria:50% off Spinach Dip.
$2.00 off lunch or dinner buffet when you mention EatLafayette.
25% off all burgers.
For the complete list of 2015 EatLafayette dine-in specials, click here.
This Week’s Featured Promotions
Look for the huge Louisiana Hot Sauce bottle outside of Johnson's Boucaniere from 11am-2pm and enjoy the Pulled Pork topped with Louisiana Hot Sauce Grilled Onions.
Wednesday – Follow The Bottle at El Asador
Look for the huge Coca-Cola bottle outside of El Asador from 11am-2pm and enjoy a free Mexican soda with the purchase of an entrée. 
EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge: Now - September 18

The Ground Pat'i Grille & Bar (Kaliste Saloom)
10 oz. Ground Pati Hamburger Steak paired with LA 31 Longneck Biere Noire

Dark Roux.
Housemade Grass Fed Beef Hot Dog with Canebrake mustard, brioche
bread purée, sauerkraut gelée and B&B pickles, paired with Canebrake 
Artmosphere Bistro
Sweet Chili Glaze Shrimp with a pineapple and apple cider salsa
(cider made with Woodchuck's Gumption Beer) 
For a full list of EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge specials, visit
We can’t thank our sponsors enough for making EatLafayette possible! 
 Add our Snapchat account by username (eatlafayette15) or by scanning the QR code below in your Snapchat app! Join us for this week’s exploration of the first ever EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge!

Friday, August 28, 2015

September Calendar of Events from the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association

Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association would like to share the following list of dates of interest to Louisiana horsemen and women. 
Brought to you by Breeders Sales Company of LouisianaPeach Lane Farms, and Clear Creek Stud Click image links for more information
Sept 2
  • Equine Sales of Louisiana Select Yearling Sale, Opelousas 
Sept 7
  • Labor Day
Sept 11
  • National Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Assoc. (TOBA) Awards Banquet; Charlie Smith, breeder, owner and trainer of String King, to be honored as the recipient of the 2014 TOBA Award for the State of Louisiana.
Sept 12
  • Super Derby Day, Louisiana Downs, Bossier City
  • Louisiana Stallion Stakes, Colt and Gelding Division, Louisiana Downs, Bossier City
  • Louisiana Stallion Stakes, Filly Division, Louisiana Downs, Bossier City 
Sept 19
  • A.L. Red Erwin Stakes, Louisiana Downs, Bossier City
  • Elge Rasberry Stakes, Louisiana Downs, Bossier City
Sept 27
  • Breeders Sales Co. of Louisiana 2015 Yearling Sale, 12:00 noon. All horses on the grounds available for viewing. Ike Hamilton Expo Center, West Monroe
Sept 29
  • Breeders Sales Co. of Louisiana 2015 Yearling Sale, Sale Day, Ike Hamilton Expo Center, West Monroe
  • 8:00 a.m. Complimentary Breakfast
  • 11:00 a.m. Sale Begins
Sept 30
  • 2015-16 Membership Dues are due. After this date, the fees increase from $75 to $85.
Oct 1
  • Louisiana Champions Day Early Bird Nominations are due
Would you like to sponsor a newsletter? Reach more than 3,000 readers.
Please contact Linda 985-386-0360, or Roger 504-947-4676, for cost and availability. 
Do you have a date pertaining to Louisiana-breds that you would like included in an
upcoming calendar? Please contact Linda 985-386-0360, or
Roger 504-947-4676, for consideration.
Any questions or need more info call
Roger A. Heitzmann III, Secretary/Treasurer
Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association
504-947-4676, 800-772-1195

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vol. IV: Phase 1 - Equine Report of Findings Summary


Volume IV

Phase I - Equine Report of Findings Summary
The Report of Findings Summary for a "Phase I" horse can only be described as appearing bloody! There is so much red ink on the report that it looks like the horse is bleeding profusely. It would be difficult to confuse a Phase I horse with any other phase. It is not the kind of report card that you would want to post on your refrigerator!
Usually the horse has experienced a trauma, a period of inactivity, prolonged stall rest, or has been in acute or chronic pain due to protracted failed biomechanics. Frequently, by the time I am called in to evaluate a horse, it is experiencing a form of abnormal compensatory posture, (ACP), with associated back and pelvic pain. Prolonged compensations for ACP can eventually subluxate knees, fetlocks, shoulders, etc. Compensatory fixations may have already developed in its poll, neck, spine, knees, rib cage, etc., a bloody mess!
This is not a happy camper. This horse is not likely to be glad to see you or your saddle coming toward it. These compensations, more often than not, result in the pelvis being locked or fixated and it is difficult for the horse to canter since that requires good pelvic flexion on the opposite side from the lead. To make matters worse, if the sacrum, the bone between the pelvic bones, like the horses "rudder," is fixated, or "stuck" to the left for example, it would be difficult to get your horse to bend to the right. In my experience, one-sided issues tend to be more of a physical problem than mental or a "training issue."
Eventually the counter-balancing poll or upper neck will become fixated. In the human world, when our "poll" is subluxated or fixated it can cause migraine headache-like or even "hangover" symptoms. You remember, right? "Turn down the stereo, don't you know I have a headache." You just want to pull the covers over your head because the lights are so bright. "Just leave me alone; don't you know I feel abysmal?" Well in horses, we just like to call them "spooky!" In humans, it can at times be discounted as an uncomfortable inconvenience; in horses, a prey animal, their instincts may tell them that it could be a death sentence. If their poll locks or subluxates in the wild to the point that they cannot turn their head easily, and they cannot see what is coming up behind them, they can become dinner for a predator. As a result, their poll and neck priorities may be different than yours when under saddle.
On your Evaluation and Treatment Summary, the arrows over the top and side view of the pelvic region demonstrate the direction of pelvic fixation or subluxation. The small triangle between the pelvic bones will point in the direction that the "rudder" (sacrum) has subluxated. The columns depict areas of subluxation, muscle spasms, pain, and restriction on each side of your horse as viewed from above.
The scale at the bottom of your report rates your horse's pelvic flexibility and lateral suppleness by the amount of cross-under ability in "hoof widths" across the midline. The optimal suppleness in my experience, is (2) hoof widths across the midline. The "Findings" address the results found during your horse's evaluation.
The "Assignment" area will provide recommendations or homework to help your horse advance to the strengthening phase, or Phase II. The back of your Evaluation and Treatment Summary outlines the consult episode, and contains a reminder of the online location, username, and password for the assigned homework stretching video for your reference. Focusing on the Phase I stretches and exercises are the key ingredients needed for me to help your horse advance to Phase II.
If a date has been set for my return visit, it will be written on the bottom of your Summary.
Thank you for your continued interest in animal chiropractic.
Dr. Lance E. Cleveland, Animal Chiropractor
(Please see the sample Phase I Evaluation and Treatment Report of Findings Summary below) 
Recommended links:

Monday, August 24, 2015

This Week at Tri-Running Lafayette!

Tri-Running Lafayette has a few pieces of exciting news for our valued customers this week. We need to give you the details on three things: sales, shoes and shirts. Where exactly do we begin? Sales, obviously! 

All in-stock Asics Kayano 21's are 20% off right now! The Asics Kayano 21's are equipped with the next generation of FluidRide® and a ComforDry™ X-40 sockliner. Designed to help mild to moderate overpronators, this shoe has a secure and comfortable fit. We have various styles and sizes of men AND women's Kayano 21's in store right now. Stop by and see how they fit before they're gone!


More specifically, cross country spikes and racing flats. Just in time for the upcoming track season, our selection has just arrived! Athletes: the Saucony selection we have in-store is worth a look! Parents: come on over to get your track star exactly what they need. 

Finally, the best news yet! We just got a whole new shipment of Tri-Running t-shirts. We know you love to show your support, and we love for you to show us off! That's why all new Tri-Running shirts are just $15 a piece. We have all sizes in stock right now, but these shirts usually don't stick around for long. Come visit us!

Did you know?
Running shoes should be changed out every 300-500 miles. Even though they may still look new on the outside, they are losing support on the inside!


Don't worry...we've kept those records for you!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Relax For Back to School with Spa Mizan

Now that your kids are away at school all day, it’s time to do something you haven’t done since May: relax. Let Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, be your relaxation expert and help you unwind from head to toe.

Get a new look with a simple haircut or a new color. Maybe you just need a touch up after all the harsh summer rays. Either way, Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, can freshen you up for fall.
Next stop is a facial. With Anti-Aging facials starting at just $25, who wouldn’t want to stop the clock?
Try the Stress-Fix™ Massage, perfect for de-stressing after the summer vacation. At only $95 for one hour, this massage will have you mellowed out for the rest of the day.
It’s time to move down to your hard working hands and feet. After cleaning up and running after your kids all summer, it’s time to take a little break. Let Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, give you the Stress-Fix™ Manicure and Pedicure.
Try out one or all of these services, or check out our list of services on our website to find your perfect match. Mix it up a little with one of the spa packagesoffered by Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa. With a range from a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure to The Ultimate Day At The Spa, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to refresh yourself for fall.
Don’t forget to take advantage of our specials, and refer your friends to get another special offer. Gift cards are also available for Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Equine Motorcoach™ Transports and Trailers On Display August 22-29 at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, Kentucky

Equine Motorcoach™ Transports and Trailers On Display August 22-29 at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, Kentucky
(Louisville, Ky) - The World’s Championship Horse Show, the world’s richest and most prestigious horse show, attracts spectators and competitors from across the world and includes over 2,000 horses competing for more than $1 million in awards. However, when it began in 1902 at Churchill Downs, horses traveled to the show on foot and by train and winners received only a sterling silver trophy.
“Now, they can travel in an Equine Motorcoach,” said Ben Yates, national sales manager for Equine Motorcoach. “We will be on display, August 22-29, which is a good time and place for potential customers to visit us. The airport is less than five minutes away andLouisville is nearly the epicenter of the where horses travel.”

The Equine Motorcoach, Equine RV and Equine Carriage Trailer will be located opposite Barn A in the stabling area at the Kentucky State Fair.
The exciting and prestigious World’s Championship Horse Show is held annually in conjunction with the Kentucky State Fair and crowns world champion Saddlebreds in different divisions.
Horses compete in divisions including Three-Gaited, Five-Gaited, Fine Harness, Saddlebred Pleasure, Saddle Seat Equitation, Hackney/Harness Ponies, Roadster, In-Hand, and American Saddlebred. Each division includes several classes for amateurs, ladies, amateur ladies, and junior exhibitors, as well as younger horses and ponies.
Horses or riders who win earn the title of world’s champion (abbreviated WC). A second place finish is given the title of reserve world’s champion (RWC). Horses may also earn the world’s grand championship (WGC) or world’s championship of champions (WCC) title.
“Our market includes a variety of horse owners and disciplines,” said Yates. “People that transport their own horses and want to stay with them are our customers. The popularity and ease of RVing has increased the marketability for our transports. Most show grounds and campgrounds are now available for this type of rig. We build the all in one RV and horse transport and RVs that tow up to 30,000 pounds. We give horses a ride and people a great place to stay.”
About Equine Motorcoach™
We give horses a ride.

Equine Motorcoach is the one of a kind all-in-one RV and horse transport company. The all-in-one RV and horse transport features two, three, four, five and six-horse configurations with fully loaded amenities on the interior and exterior. It is built on a Freightliner Cascadia 525 hp Cummins engine with an Ultrashift transmission that has the capacity to tow up to 30,000 pounds. The interior has a spacious full bath, complete kitchen and multiple sleeping accommodations. The horse transport area has air ride suspension and a slant load configuration to provide your horses with the best possible ride.
The Equine RV is a Class A motorhome built on a Freightliner M2 112 450hp Detroit DD13 engine with an Allison automatic transmission that has the capacity to tow up to 30,000 pounds. The interior has a spacious full bath, full size residential refrigerator, and can sleep up to seven people.
The Equine Carriage™ ST is part of the tow vehicle and transport line that the company is growing. The tow vehicle is built on a Freightliner M2 106 350 HP Cummins with an Allison automatic transmission. The interior features a full shower, bath and kitchen area along with ample living and a high-end entertainment system.
The Equine Carriage Trailer is an exciting new addition to the Equine Motorcoach stable of products combining horse stalls, room for a small SUV under a large amount of storage and hay space on the 4,000 pound capacity hydraulic lift together with a large tack room in the front of the trailer. Based on customer feedback to create a product that provides the ability to haul a drive vehicle together with horses and ample space for storage, tack and other supplies the Equine Carriage Trailer gives you the ability to haul everything with you in one compact trailer rather than having two drivers and multiple trailers.

For more information, visit or contact Ben Yates via email or (502) 612-1113.

Agave Grill & Cantina Welcomes Back Ragin' Cajuns!

Ragin' Cajuns
Welcome back Ragin' Cajuns! We're thrilled to have you back in the heart of Lafayette, right next door to two of our convenient locations: Downtown and on Bertrand across from Cajun Field. There is one thing you need to know as you tackle the Fall 2015 semester: 
When you ace that first big exam, Agave wants to congratulate you! When the Ragin' Cajuns win their first home game, Agave wants to celebrate with you! We want to be a part of your semester every step of the way. You can start by stopping by our Bertrand location after Fan Day THIS Sunday!

What's Going On This Week:

Daily Lunch Specials:
Monday - Santa Fe Chicken
Tuesday - Chicken and spinach enchilada and also $2.50 fish tacos all day
Wednesday - Flank Steak
Thursday - Pescado Pasta
Friday - Pescado Plate

Live Music this Weekend:
Bertrand: Friday - Steve Adams
Saturday - Wayne Blues Burnes
Downtown: Friday - Chris Jacques
Saturday - Second Chance


Happy Hour:
house regular small margaritas 
all draft beer 
all wine 
mixed drinks

EatLafayette Specials:
Monday: $1.50 Margaritas
Tuesday: $2.50 Fish Tacos
Wednesday: 1/2 bottle of wine and $6.00 large House Margaritas
Thursday: $20.00 pitchers of House Margaritas

We are now on Instagram AND Twitter. Follow us at @agave_cantina today!

Agave Specials for the College Budget

Margarita Mondays:
$1.50 small, house margaritas all day long!

Taco Tuesdays: 
$2.50 Fish Tacos all day on Tuesdays and, between you and me, this special runs Sunday-Thursday during Happy Hour too.

Facebook Check-In:
FREE queso when you check-in on Facebook (details below)
of Queso
when you Check-In at Agave on Facebook!
Show your server your phone after you've checked in to redeem. Limit one per table. Downtown and Bertrand locations only.


200 E. Vermillion St. | 525 Bertrand Dr. |1919 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

Monday, August 17, 2015

First Ever EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge

First Ever EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge
Schilling Distributing Company and LiquidFinder App would like to present the first ever EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge to you. 
The EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge is a chefs’ challenge competition. Local chefs compete with each other to see who can create the most popular dish using a Schilling Distributing Company beer. The public can vote for their favorite dish by going to the restaurants, trying the special, and donating $1 per vote. There will be a ticketed live event at the end of the Challenge for the public to vote for their favorite dish. All proceeds raised throughout the challenge will go to the Acadiana Chapter of the American Red Cross. 
NOW to September 18 in all participating restaurants
2 Paul's BBQ
Pecan smoked russet potato with Louisiana Gulf shrimp in a buttery, crab-based mushroom BBQ sauce made with Modelo Negra, topped with sour cream and chives. Your choice of beer-battered (Modelo Negra) onion rings or fried pickles. Pair with the Modelo Negra beer. 
Sweet Chili Glaze Shrimp with a pineapple and apple cider salsa (cider made with Woodchuck's Gumption Beer) 
Bon Temps Grill
Tin Roof Blonde Ale Tempura Speckled Trout served atop beer braised Endives, Brabant potatoes, Lardoons and Apples. Drizzled with a balsamic-herb hollandaise sauce garnished with a sprouts micro salad 
Café Vermilionville
Special will be announced soon.
Dark Roux.
Special will be announced soon.
DeanO's Pizza
The “Cajan Samurai” Pizza paired with Canebrake 
Jefferson Street Pub
Smoked duck breast on a steamed lotus leaf bun with Gnarly Barley hoisin sauce (sauce made with Gnarly Barley Catahoula Common beer) 
Jolie's Louisiana Bistro
Beer Braised Pork Jowl made with LA 31 Noire jus, sauerkraut, creole dijon mustard, & crispy onion rings served on a pretzel knot, paired with LA 31 Noire 
Saint Street Inn
Bayou Teche Cocodrie and Covey Rise Farms Honey Glazed Chicken Wings 
Social Southern Table & Bar
Lemongrass Canebrake Coconut Curry Mussels & Frites
The Ground Pat'i Grille & Bar
10 oz. Ground Pati Hamburger Steak paired with LA 31 Longneck Biere Noire
This Week’s Featured EatLafayette Specials 
E's Kitchen:
Smoked Shrimp Caesar Salad with homemade croutons and caesar dressing. 
Free queso blanco when you mention EatLafayette. One per table
Ema's Café:Choice of 3 entrees and a bread pudding for $10 Entree Choices:Cajun Fried Fish - Specially seasoned and fried golden, served with a choice of two sidesFried Shrimp Platter - Jumbo Gulf shrimp golden fried and served with a choice of two sidesGrilled Atlantic Salmon - Fresh salmon, grilled and topped with a sweet balsamic glaze 
and served with a choice of two sides
Side Choices: French Fries, vegetable medley, sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, roasted rosemary potatoes, green beans, or side salad
One free queso per table when you mention EatLafayette
For the complete list of 2015 EatLafayette dine-in specials, click here.
This Week’s Featured Promotions
Look for the huge Louisiana Hot Sauce bottle outside of Fezzo's from 11am-2pm and enjoy Shrimp & Grits paired with Louisiana Hot Sauce.
Wednesday – Follow The Bottle at Dark Roux.
Look for the huge Coca-Cola bottle outside of Dark Roux. from 11am-2pm and enjoy a free Coke with the purchase of any entrée.
We can’t thank our sponsors enough for making EatLafayette possible! 
 Add our Snapchat account by username (eatlafayette15) or by scanning the QR code below in your Snapchat app! Join us for this week’s exploration of the first ever EatLafayette Beer Appétit Challenge!