Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to School with Tri-Running


Back to School
Whether you are a local college student or a parent with kids in grade school, the first day of classes is right around the corner. Now is the time to ask yourself, what are the back to school essentials and where can I get them? Tri-Running Lafayette has the answers. 
First, you're going to need shoes.

Not just any shoes either. School shoes have to have a certain efficiency. They have to be comfortable, durable and somehow still cool enough to rock at school. Well,  Tri-Running Lafayette is an expert in comfort and durability, because we help you determine which shoe works best for the foot shape and walking style of the wearer. Say goodbye to all of the Ouch Mom's and the campus-inflicted blisters, and hello to school shoes that look as good as they feel.  

Next, you're going to need outerwear.

We know it's still hot, and that jackets and sweaters are the last thing from your mind. On the other hand, we know school shopping is best as a one-time thing. Make it a one-time, one-stop thing by grabbing an athletic jacket while you're here. It's not quite in-season yet, so the prices are very reasonable right now.  
Finally, you're going to need accessories.

For the college kids out there: what's the single most essential accessory needed on campus? Headphones. Stop in for a pair of shoes, grab you a North Face while you're here, and check out our selection of ear buds. You need to be in the zone walking from one end of campus to the other. We get it and we're here to help.

We've also got a new watch available. Garmin's first running watch with wrist based heart monitor is in stock now. With this high-tech accessory, you can monitor your heat rate spikes during exam week with ease!  

All jokes aside, school shopping is serious business. Let us make going back to school a little bit easier this year. Visit Tri-Running Lafayette today. 

Did you know?

Running shoes should be changed out every 300-500 miles. Even though they may still look new on the outside, they are losing support on the inside!

Don't worry...we've kept those records for you!

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