Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who Wants A Job?

If you think you have the right stuff for this job, send your resume. Wimps need not apply.

Assistant to President
Send resume to: jobs@calzone.com

• Assist President with all client and business operations
• Handle day-to-day activities for assigned clients
• Become familiar with products and markets in which assigned clients operate
• Prepare marketing communication plans for clients
• Brief support staff and suppliers on requirements of projects
• Provide creative direction to copywriters and art directors
• Oversee execution of approved programs
• Identify new business opportunities from existing clients
• Budget control
• Preliminary approval of billing to clients
• Represent agency at industry functions
• Provide President with overview of clients’ current activities
• Obtain approval of President of all creative work at appropriate stages
• Maintain written records of all client work
• Provide media & public relations for client
• Track media efforts for the client to determine the most effective strategies
• Manage all aspects of client jobs at appropriate stages

Skills required:

• Excellent organizational skills
• Detail-oriented
• Ability to work under pressure
• Must meet deadlines
• Great stewardship of finances
• Excellent writing and communications skills
• Must be proficient with Microsoft Office Programs
• Must be proficient with the Internet and digital technology
• Willingness to work nights and weekends when needed
• Event planning and production skills
• Excellent people skills
• Ability work with other team players
• Ability to “think out of the box”
• Ability to produce results with minimal supervision
• Willingness to take on tasks as assigned
• Willingness to go the “extra-mile”
• Ability to multi-task
• Great work ethic

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