Monday, September 24, 2012

The Tereson Way is a good way to go. Never Giving UP Today an article came out in The Idependent about my appearance on Shark Tank, tomorrow the local news KATC is interviewing me for their segment "What's Right in Acadiana" and I expect there will be many more like these to come after the actual air date passes. But I was wondering what do I want my message to be when doing these interviews? What do I want to leave people with after watching a news story? I have been in business for almost 13 years, and the honest truth is that it has never been easy! I think that holds true for many people that bring new ideas to market - especially on a next to nothing budget. My story is interesting of a mom who thought of something different and made it a successful product, but it is a similar story that we all hear very often - the "Mother of Invention" right? What I want to leave people with after either hearing my story or reading an article is the perseverance that it has taken to get to this point because that is part of the story that is often left out. The dedication and courage that it takes to stay in business when you would rather throw in the towel. And the motivation and the drive that it takes to jump over just about every hurdle put in your way and keep on going. That is what I have done despite one thing after another being thrown in my direction. I did not go looking for Shark Tank, Shark Tank found me and I am so glad they did. Had I given up long ago after the first hiccup in my business, this opportunity would have never presented itself. Key lesson - NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS - BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY MAY LEAD TO!

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