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Equine Motorcoach and Equine Carriage Trailer On Display at the Kentucky Horse Park for Memorial Day Weekend Horse Shows.

May 21, 2015

(Lexington, Ky.) – Equine Motorcoach™ and Equine Carriage Trailer are on site at the MayDaze Horse Trials, KDA Spring Warm Up & Annual Dressage Show and the Kentucky Invitational High School Rodeo at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. this weekend. 
The Equine Motorcoach and Equine Carriage Trailer on display can transport up to seven horses, tack, feed, hay, car and people to horse shows and events. The stacker in the Carriage supports 4,000 pounds of cargo and feed. The Equine Motorcoach sleeps four and has a climate controlled horse transport area complete with cameras and hay pod. It can tow up to 30,000 pounds.
“People are amazed at how much living space there is,” said Ben Yates, national sales manager for Equine Motorcoach. “The full size kitchen, bath and living accommodations make it comfortable to be on the road.”
The MayDaze Horse Trials brings together more than 500 horses and their riders from approximately 20 states to compete in a three-day event competition. Introductory to intermediate levels are part of the competition and this spring event is known to be very beneficial in the training process for green to advanced horses and riders.
The Spring Warm Up Show and the Annual Dressage Show combine for the first events of the season for the Kentucky Dressage Association (KDA). This event will feature United States Dressage Federation (USDF), United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), and International Federation of Equestrian Sports (FEI) sanctioned classes. Introductory level tests all the way up to Grand Prix level tests will be on display as well as suitability, Para-equestrian, and freestyle classes.
The Kentucky High School Rodeo Association and the Kentucky Junior High School Rodeo Association join together for the Kentucky Invitational High School Rodeo. The events taking place during this rodeo are Bareback Bronc Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Tie-Down Calf Roping, Bull Riding, Breakaway Calf Roping, Goat Tying, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and Ribbon Roping. Participants from Indiana and West Virginia will also be competing against the Kentucky competitors. This rodeo serves as the last qualifying rodeo for the high school participants before the state finals, and it is the state finals for junior high school participants. 
“These are great events for us and just down the road from our home base,” said Yates. “These competitors travel frequently and are often with their families. Our transports make it easier for the horses and the people passengers on the road and at the show. Horse show facilities like the Kentucky Horse Park feature campgrounds for the competitors. There is nothing like staying at the horse show to make it a more pleasurable experience. There is the comfort of home and the close proximity to care for the horses.”
About Equine Motorcoach™
We give horses a ride.

Equine Motorcoach is the one of a kind all-in-one RV and horse transport company. The all-in-one RV and horse transport features two, three, four, five and six-horse configurations with fully loaded amenities on the interior and exterior. It is built on a Freightliner Cascadia 525 hp Cummins engine with an Ultrashift transmission that has the capacity to tow up to 30,000 pounds. The interior has a spacious full bath, complete kitchen and multiple sleeping accommodations. The horse transport area has air ride suspension and a slant load configuration to provide your horses with the best possible ride.
The Equine RV is a Class A motorhome built on a Freightliner M2 112 450hp Detroit DD13 engine with an Allison automatic transmission that has the capacity to tow up to 30,000 pounds. The interior has a spacious full bath, full size residential refrigerator, and can sleep up to seven people.

Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Annual Meeting and Horse of the Year Awards


LTBA Contact: 

Roger Heitzmann

(504) 947-4676 

Public Relations Contact:

Julie Calzone

(337) 235-2924 ext. 18

Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Annual Meeting and Horse of the Year Awards

WHAT:    Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation

WHERE:  Mojo’s, Evangeline Downs Racetrack and Casino, 2235 Cresswell Lane Extension, Opelousas, LA 70570

WHEN:    Saturday, June 6, 2015, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Stay for live racing and more awards in the Winner’s Circle

WHY:       It will be an eventful night at the racetrack as the third leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont takes place. You will be able bet on the races live. In addition, the Horse of the Year winners will be awarded in the Winner’s Circle after each race.

The 2014 Winners are:

• Wind Chill Factor – Two-Year Old Filly

• Mr. L.S. Shoe – Two-Year Old Colt or Gelding

• Our Quista – Three-Year Old Filly or Mare

• Vicar’s in Trouble – Three-Year Old Colt or Gelding

• Sittin at the Bar – Four-Year Old & Upward Filly or Mare

• Sunbean – Four-year Old & Upward Male

• Character Builder – Broodmare of the Year

• Brahms (co-winner) and Half Ours (co-winner) – Andrew L. “Red” Erwin Stallion of the Year

• Spendthrift – Leading Breeder by Breeders Awards

• Terry Adcock (co-winner) and Brett Brinkman & Alan Chiasson (co-winner) – Leading Breeder by  Percentage of Stakes Winners

WHO:  Horse of the Year Owners and Breeders, Leading Breeders and Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association members

INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES:  Horse of the Year Owners and Breeders, Leading Breeders and Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association members

About Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association

The Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association evolved from a small group of horsemen who united in 1963 when only 142 Thoroughbred foals were registered in the state. Under the leadershipof Andrew L. "Red" Erwin and State Senator B. B. Rayburn, this group was successful in having legislation passed that created an incentive to breed Thoroughbreds in the state. Since that time, the Thoroughbred industry in Louisiana has grown to become one of the state's top industries. Go to:

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Evaluation & Treatment Report of Findings Summary: Phase II

Evaluation & Treatment Report of Findings Summary

Phase II

The Evaluation and Treatment Report of Findings Summary for a “Phase II” horse appears far less “bloody” than the Phase I horse’s Summary. By this time, most if not all of the muscle spasms, back, and pelvic pain have been reduced or eliminated. There is far less red ink on the Summary so it appears that the “bleeding” is under control. If I were to visit your home, I would not be surprised to find a Phase II Report card posted on your refrigerator!

Typically, when an equine patient’s muscle length, in addition to its spine, and pelvic ranges of motion have returned to being within normal limits, I consider the patient to be a candidate for “graduation” to Phase II. In spite of the fact that the Summary will show less red ink, it is not unusual for a Phase II horse to continue to have flank pain on one or both sides in front of the pelvic brim. In my observation, this is commonly the last area to regain full muscle length, and may have been the first area to lose muscle length. For this reason, I have found that it remains helpful to continue backing the horses up to 20 steps from the ground on a regular schedule and prior to riding. This exaggerates the pelvic flexion stride, and helps to gain and maintain pelvic flexion. The loss or reduction of pelvic flexion is a primary culprit in compensatory adaptive physiology due to failed spinal biomechanics.

Additional common findings on the Phase II Summary are the recurrence of knee, neck, and poll fixations.  These tend to recur, I believe due to the lack of hind strength. As hind strength returns and the horse is able to manage a greater and more appropriate percentage of its weight in the hind, I commonly find less compensatory adaptive neck, poll, and knee fixations or subluxations. Chiropractic treatment will continue to focus on the reduction of the remaining and recurring fixations, but a change in emphasis will occur in the homework assignments that relate to the need for hind strengthening. Muscle strengthening in Phase II follows the muscle lengthening that was attained in Phase I. Some of the Phase II groundwork stretches and exercises will gradually replace the Phase I assignments. Backing in-hand on the level from Phase I will gradually be replaced with backing up a slight incline in Phase II. This will progressively increase the challenge for deeper pelvic flexion.

Additional ground assignments for Phase II strengthening can include leading your horse forward and perpendicular to a series of 5 or 6 ground poles which are arranged parallel to each other, and spaced slightly farther apart than the length of your horse. Periodically move the series of ground poles closer together, causing your horse to step progressively higher. If you have the luxury of hills nearby, hind strength can also be improved by gradually introducing and increasing hill work initially in hand, or ponied, then under saddle.

I have found that a well-maintained Phase II horse is less likely to have problems with recurring back and pelvic pain, and has a greater spine and pelvic range of motion, with more usable strength. Of course, there are exceptions, including saddle fit issues and trauma, but overall, I find that these Phase II equine athletes attain and maintain their optimal performance.

The “Notes” section of your Summary will provide recommendations or homework to help your horse advance to, and maintain optimal performance. Focusing on muscle strengthening stretches and exercises are key ingredients needed for me to help your horse advance and stay ahead of its work. The back of the Report of Findings Summary outlines the consult episode, and contains a reminder of the online location, username, and password for the assigned homework stretching video for your reference. If a date has been set for my return visit, it will be written on the bottom of your Summary.

Phase II


Everyone knows that Calzone lives and loves Lafayette. We ShopLafayetteTM and we most certainly EatLafayetteTM, but did you know that we also RecruitLafayette? It’s true. We gather our talent right here at home, from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and all places Louisiana.

With that being said, congratulations are in order. Today, the graduation ceremony for the university is taking place at the Cajundome. Many young, brilliant minds will walk that stage, receive their diplomas, and begin the transition into our professional community. To them, we offer this: Congratulations and welcome to our world.

We believe in Lafayette and in ULL. In fact, several working within our office have been affiliated with the university in some way.

Julie Calzone, our CEO, is originally from New York but moved to Lafayette in pursuit of career achievements. USL, now ULL, recruited her as Coordinator of Campus Programs. That pursuit led her here and kept her here, because Lafayette is home. Julie is an advertising expert, a marketing machine and a horse enthusiast. Though she obviously dabbles across the board, she spent a portion of her career here working for the university.

Megan Gonzales is from Luling, LA, but moved here to attend ULL. Over the course of earning her Bachelor’s Degree, she fell in love with this city. She graduated in Graphic Design, now runs the show in the office, and is developing a future here in Lafayette.  


Luke Marcantel is a ULL Marketing graduate. Notably the most personable among us, Luke is both social media savvy and the office comic relief. Our graphic designer, Rachel Rodrigue, earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the university as well. Rachel is a new mother, but she barely skipped a beat. Her balance of motherhood and creative work is impressive to all who witness it. We also have three interns on the rise! Kristyn Alleman (a public relations major), Ashley McClure and Brittany Sam (both advertising majors) are all graduating from ULL this fall.

Our office is booming with local talent. Creativity thrives here, quality flourishes, and we harness those attributes to deliver a product that our clients can’t find anywhere else. The talent is developed right here, and Calzone is dedicated to projecting that talent nationally.

Congratulations to all of you graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette today, because Lafayette is on the map, and that now includes you.

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Tri-Running Sponsored Athlete Spotlight: Emma Petry

Sponsored Athlete Spotlight: Emma Petry

Everything we do as people derives from some type of inspiration. Whether a certain goal or a certain person inspires us, some sort of motivation roots all of our actions. As runners, being inspired and motivated is a key aspect to reaching goals. We at Tri-Running have the unique opportunity to be inspired by someone a little unconventional, an 11-year-old girl named Emma Petry. 

Emma is a 5th grader at Lafayette Christian Academy in Lafayette, LA. What is so inspirational about an 11-year-old, you ask? She races ½ marathons...and she wins.  Emma's running story began when she was just 8 years old. Her mom, Karen Nichol, was competing in a ½ marathon. Seeing her mom race made Emma think she wanted to do it, and at the 13-mile marker, Emma jumped in with her mom and ran to the finish line. She got a huge adrenaline rush, and after that moment, decided to compete in marathons herself.  You can imagine the reaction her friends and family had to the idea of an 8-year-old girl at the time saying she wanted to compete in marathons. "They started freaking out. They thought I was crazy," says Emma. Emma told us that she feels her age is both a good and bad thing. She explained that the races are a bit hard on her body at times, but she usually has more energy than the adults she competes against.

The hardest part of running in these marathons for her is the training process. Emma begins training for a ½ marathon 2-3 months prior to the race. She trains a lot with her mom's friends, Toby Lejeune and Jessica Dupin. Lejeune helps Emma with her pacing. During her training process, Emma will run 4-5 days a week. Typically, she will complete one long run for endurance training and multiple shorter runs for speed training within a training week. Emma works out with track sprinters for speed building, which she says is sometimes hard because the sprinters are so fast. The longest distance she runs before a race is 12 miles; she saves the full distance for race day. Karen, Emma's mom, says, "Emma doesn't like the training part. If every day could just be race day, she'd be content." However, Emma says that she has to "train to get better. I can't cry about it. I don't give up," a life lesson that Emma can always live by. When asked where her favorite place to run is, she responded Camellia Boulevard. "It has plenty water stops and I know the route," says Emma. "There are lots of people, it's pretty, and I like going under the tunnel."

Emma and her mom, Karen
Finally, after all of the training, Emma gets to enjoy her favorite part: race day. The morning of a race, Emma enjoys one of her favorite pre-race meals; peanut butter waffles or peanut butter sandwiches. A few days before the race, she loads up on water and carbs. Emma shared with us that she likes to run races with her Stepdad, Jefferson Nichol. "He's big and buff. I'm small. He makes me feel comfortable at the start so that I don't get trampled by the other runners." The hardest part of the actual race for this young runner is picking up her pace. What's the easiest part? The 13th mile and crossing the finish line, a task she has done incredibly well ever since her first ½ marathon in February of 2014. When asked if she has a special race day playlist, Emma told us that she doesn't like to listen to music when she runs. "I think it might distract me, or the earphones might fall out." Instead, she prefers to just let her mind wonder and think of whatever pops into her mind. She shared that sometimes she will think about Minecraft, her favorite video game. "I pretend I'm in the game when I'm racing, and I think about getting to the finish line." Emma has a little race day saying she and her mom came up with that she likes to follow, "No friends on the track, and no looking back!" Emma's mom shared the story of how this saying came to light. "For one race, a girl tripped. Emma immediately stopped running to make sure the other little girl was okay. She has a big heart and cares about everyone. So we created the saying to keep her focused on the race." Emma's response? "I was just making sure she was okay!" Emma also likes to follow the saying "Never give up. Do your best every race!" Luckily for Emma, her best just so happens to win her 1st place quite often. After Emma has crossed the finish line, she likes to celebrate by getting donuts and chocolate milk. She likes to follow that with her mom's red beans and rice or gumbo. Even while being a serious athlete, it's clear to see this girl is a true Cajun at heart.

Even inspirational people like Emma have their own inspirations. Emma's role models are Kevin Castille, Shalane Flanagan (American record holder for the 15K road race), and Meb Keflezighi (2014 Boston Marathon winner). Kevin Castille is a marathon runner himself, also sponsored by Tri-Running like Emma. He helps Emma with her training, and she truly loves and respects Kevin's opinions and always wants to make him proud of her. When asked what goals she has for herself and running, Emma shared that she wants to not only compete in, but win the Boston Marathon someday. She also wants to go to the Olympics. She shared that if she did win, she wants to give the prize money to girls in wheelchairs in order to supply them with better chairs. She would also like to donate money to the Ainsley's Angels organization. Honestly, I was incredibly moved by Emma's response. It was so amazing and touching to hear this 11-year-old girl reply with such kindness and humility. Not many kids her age would respond the way she did.

We also got to get to know Emma outside of running. She loves playing Minecraft and enjoys playing soccer. She likes making bracelets with her Rainbow Loom, and watches movies such as Pitch Perfect, Monster High, Spirit of the Marathon (part 2), and McFarland, USA. Can you guess what her favorite subject in school is? That's right, P.E. She's really excited for 6th grade P.E., because they get to run the mile then. We giggled with her about this and asked what outside of P.E. does she like, to which she responded Bible class. It was truly refreshing to see that even being such a focused runner, Emma is still an ordinary kid who enjoys normal things kids her age do.

Going into this interview, I thought I was just going to be hearing this amazing little girl's story about running. Instead, I left being truly touched by Emma Petry, who has accomplished more at her age than most can dream of. Her story is more than a girl in a race...Emma is a testament to the saying that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Her story is remarkable, but Emma Petry, the 11-year-old marathon runner, is more than that. She is inspirational. 

Look good feel good, right?
 Tri-Running Lafayette is waiting for you.

Did you know?
Running shoes should be changed out every 300-500 miles. Even though they may still look new on the outside, they are losing support on the inside!

Don't worry...we've kept those records for you!


Don't Forget to Vote for Poor Boy's Riverside Inn!


Remember to vote Poor Boy's Riverside Inn for

Times of Acadiana Best Of 2015!


#8- Best Cajun Restaurant
#41- Best Seafood Platter

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Friday Final Deadline for 2015 EatLafayette Campaign Restaurant Sign Up.

It’s almost time to EatLafayette™. Over 70 restaurants have already signed up. With a longer campaign, new events, and so many delicious deals, the 11th EatLafayette campaign will be the best one ever. This year's campaign runs June 22 - September 20.

Registration ends May 15. Don’t miss out, sign up for EatLafayette today. Click here for a PDF version of the registration form. If your registration is already on its way, thank you!

Thanks to all of the restaurants that have already signed up, and let’s get ready to EatLafayette!
2 Paul's BBQ
Dean O's South
Nimbeaux's Restaurant
Deano's Pizza
Nash's Restaurant
Agave 2 Cantina
Don's Seafood and Steakhouse
Office Hours Sandwich Shop
Agave Cantina 
Don's Seafood Hut, Inc.
Olde Tyme Grocery
Alesi Pizza House
Dwyers Café
Papa T's Café
Antler's Restaurant
Ema's Café
Philippe's Wine Cellar
Antoni's Italian Café
E's Kitchen
Poor Boy's Riverside Inn
Fat Pat's Verot
Poupart Bakery, Inc.
Bailey's Seafood & Grill
Fat Pat's Westmark
Prejean's Restaurant
BJ's in Broussard
Fezzo's Seafood, Steakhouse & Oyster Bar
Rachael's Café
BJ's Pizza and Deli
Gator Cove
Rochetto's Pizzeria
Blue Dog Café
Guidry's Reef
Rusted Rooster
Bon Temps Grill
Hot Dawg Stop
Sandra's Café & Health Food Store
Bread & Circus Provisions
Hub City Diner
Siro's Bistro
Brasserie at Renaissance Market
Social Southern Table & Bar
Broaddus Burgers
Indulge Desserts
Southside Bakery
Super Taters & More!
Café Habana City
Johnson's Boucanière
The Kitchenary
Cedar Grocery & Deli
Jolie's Louisiana Bistro
Tsunami Sushi
Century Irish Restaurant & Pub
Judice Inn
Twin's Burgers & Sweets
Charley G's
La Fonda
Veronica's Café
Chef Gregory
Young's Sports Grill
Country Cuisine
La Pizzeria
Zeus Café 
Coyote Blues
Lil Daddy's Bar-B-Q
Zeus Express
Dark Roux.
Little River Inn
Dax on Verot
Masala Indian Kitchen

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Your Vote Makes a Difference!

Best Of Acadiana 2015
Professional Services: #22 - Best Interior Design
Click here to vote! Voting ends on May 13.

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Spring Into Summer with Boulet Physical Therapy!

Spring Into Summer!

Graduations are commencing, students are taking their finals, teachers are sending out final reports, and summer is beginning. Students and teachers are happy to be wrapping up another school year and start another well-deserved summer break, but parents may be stressed with what to do with the kids for the summer. The kids have earned a relaxing break, but make sure to keep them busy with activities and sports to keep their brains and bodies working. Why spend 8 hours on the couch when you can grab a glove, head out to the nearest ballpark, and play a pick-up game with friends? The key to a happy and well-spent summer is to stay active and make memories.
Lafayette has so many great summer camps and programs available to keep your kids active. Summer camps are also great options for the parents who don't get the three-month summer vacation that their kids get to enjoy. From Horseback Riding Camp to Crystal Miciotto's Summer Volleyball Camp to Summer Camp at the YMCA, there is something for everyone to participate in. Even some of the schools offer different sports camps throughout the summer. St. Thomas More has several different sports camps to choose from. Click here to see their full list of options. The University of Louisiana - Lafayette also holds several summer sports camps. Check out their camp options here.

With so many great camp options, there is no reason summer shouldn't be filled with fun activities! Make sure to sign up now for all of the camps that peak you and your kids' interests.
As excited as everyone is for summer, we would also like to take the time to celebrate all nurses for National Nurses Week. Thank you to all nurses who work countless hours to provide care and comfort to their patients each and every day. It may not be said as often as it should, but you are truly appreciated. 
We would also like to celebrate this Father's Day with a special coupon promotion. All fathers can receive a 25% Off Gift Certificate for a massage (regularly priced at $70). Let Dad unwind this Father's Day and let us treat him to an hour of rest and relaxation. It is the perfect way to relieve stress and start off fresh and rejuvenated for summer.
No matter how you choose to spend your summer, make sure to get active and have fun!

Mother's Day May 10, 2015 at Spa Mizan

The Career Fair – Open House was a great success thanks to all of you who came in and interacted with us. We loved having so many optimistic and innovative members of the cosmetology industry within our salon and spa doors. We look forward to working with some of you in the near future.

We started off the month of May with an opportunity for you, and we’d like to continue this notion with an opportunity for your mothers. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we want to offer the wonderful mothers of this community something special. On Sunday, May 10, give them the gift of Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa.
Our Mother’s Day special packages include:

Queen for a Day ($315)
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure
Therapeutic Body Massage
European Cleansing Facial
Shampoo and Style
Make-up Application

I Love You Mom! ($160)             Mother’s Day Out ($155)          Mom Deserves a 
                                                                                                                     Break ($95)     
European Cleansing Facial              Shampoo and Style                         Spa Manicure
Therapeutic Body Massage              Manicure                                          Spa Pedicure
                                                               Makeup Application 

These packages are great steals available now until Mother’s Day! If you can’t choose between these options or are just not sure what Mom would want, we also have gift certificates available. Either way, Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, promises to make your mom feel pampered and loved on her special day. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Waitr App Offers New Ways For Guests to Order From EatLafayette Restaurants.

There is a new app coming to Lafayette to help restaurants grow sales and broaden their customer base and its called Waitr. Waitr launched in Lake Charles in January and has over 4000 users and has been testing an App for the 2015 campaign and is on board as a sponsor. Restaurants are paying $1500 to sign up with Waitr but Waitr is offering special pricing for you and the first 6 months are FREE during Eat Lafayette Promotion.
Click here to view the presentation for EatLafayette restaurants. They launched Dean O's both locations, Poor Boy's Riverside Inn, Little River Inn, 2 Pauls Radically Urban BBQ, Broadus Burgers, and are currently on boarding other EatLafayette restaurants. Their television advertising started this week and they already have over 300 downloads of the App in Lafayette just this week since the advertising started.
The usage stats below are Lake Charles and Lafayette combined:
  • Orders via the App are averaging over 250 per week.
  • Average order per person is $19.78 which is over 39% over the National average for takeout dining.
  • Average tips are at 19% on takeout orders which is well over the National average of 8% on takeout orders.
One additional benefit they are providing in Lake Charles and will start next week in Lafayette is delivery. They have secured a Lafayette manager who will be in Lafayette and will provide delivery services for the restaurants that are EatLafayette members and are on the Waitr platform.
Unlike Take Out Express, which charges the restaurants as much as 25 to 30% of the order to deliver, they do not charge the restaurant any fee for delivery. The customer pays the delivery price of $4.99. Currently 2 Pauls, Dean O's South, Riverside and Little River have agreed to the delivery service which will begin next week.
They have approached the hotels in the River Ranch area and will partner with them to provide in room dining via delivery for their guests for those that order from the Waitr App. The hotels are excited about this because it gives them an added benefit to provide in room dining for their guest even though they do not have restaurants in their hotels.
Feel free to contact Julius Meaux with questions or to sign up.
Julius Meaux
Business Development
(214) 284-4228