Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tips for Running at Night

Tips for Running at Night

Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1st this year, and Tri-Running Lafayettewants you to be prepared for the upcoming changes. On that first Sunday of November, we will turn our clocks back and sunrise and sunset will be one hour earlier than the day before. What does this mean for avid runners?

It means that we need to stay safe.

The best choice is to move your run to the now lighter morning hours. This is not plausible for everyone, though, so we've compiled a few safety tips for running in the dark. First, you need to take your route itself into consideration. In well-lit hours, a long scenic route is probably desired, but this would be inappropriate for a night run. It is best to map out a short route that is close to home. It needs to be an area that your are very comfortable in and one that your family is well aware of in the event of an emergency.

It means that we need the right gear.

When it comes to running in the dark, the right gear can protect you from harm and maybe even save your life. Passing vehicles and other onlookers NEED to be able to see you. That's why it is necessary to wear clothing and lights that call attention to yourself. The Brooks Running Vest pictured below is bright and reflective, making it a great option. This vest, an array of other neon clothes and accessories, and the flashing light selection below, are all in stock now! 

It means that we need the right motivation.

After a long day at work, it's hard enough already to get out there and go run. Throw the darkness and the accompanying temperature changes into the mix, and a lot of runners fall out of their workout routines. Don't allow the winter to halt your progress!

Stay focused.
Be prepared.

For more information and suggestions for night running, click here.

Did you know?
Running shoes should be changed out every 300-500 miles. Even though they may still look new on the outside, they are losing support on the inside!


Don't worry...we've kept those records for you!


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