Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How To Stay Balanced During Holiday Madness

It may not feel like fall just yet, but don’t let the weather fool you! The season is right around the corner and so is another impending time of year: The Holidays. In two short weeks, Thanksgiving will be here and the whole town will be crazed with preparation.
No matter your specific holiday plans—things are about to get a whole lot busier.
But that’s in a couple of weeks. Let’s be in the moment right now. Right now, things are quiet and calm and you’ve got to take advantage of the peace before the holiday madness begins! Just how do you do that? Well, Spa Mizan, an Aveda Salon and Spa, knows just the thing.
Elemental Nature℠ Facial
One of our most popular facials, this AVEDA treatment combines the ancient Ayurvedic studies of nature with the healing art of Japanese Shiatsu. After thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the skin with the life forces of plants, flowers and minerals, warm stones are used to gently massage the facial area, increasing vasodilation, hydration, lymphatic drainage and illumination.
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Chakra™ Balancing Massage
$100 (60 min)
This massage is an AVEDA signature treatment that focuses on the chakra centers of the body using a variety of massage techniques. This treatment features the AVEDA Chakra™ Balancing Aroma Blends with Deep Tissue Massage on the back and spinal muscles, a Chakra Reflexology Massage for the feet, and Chakra Energy Work. In addition, you will be taken on a guided meditation to enhance the benefits of stress relief, decrease muscular tension and increase energy.
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Don’t let the holidays get your Chakras out of balance.

Stay balanced.
Stay focused.

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