Saturday, September 6, 2008


We have a plan. We used the plan. We were never out of business. Our employees were moved to safe havens. The data, backed up in triplicate, was in three different cities and two states. Fortunately, we sustained only minor damage that is already repaired. We were back up and running one day after the hurricane hit.

Our plan also called for us to operate in our separate locations should we not be able to return. We want to encourage everyone and every business to have a plan. Once the emergency in on top of you, the stress makes it difficult to make decisions. Having a plan and someone in charge means you only have to follow the leader and follow the list of things to do.

Louisiana's Governor, Bobby Jindal, did a phenomenal job getting everyone out and is now getting everyone back. Our homebase was led by Mayor Joey Durel and LUS director, Terry Huval. They did a great job. Also, kudos to AT&T, our provider. We never lost service and our downed lines were up within an hour of making a phone call. It's amazing how the data and voice transmitted even with the lines on the ground.

Stay safe and stay prepared.

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