Tuesday, March 31, 2009

World Cup Rider Website Launched

In the words of Will Faudree - "we are so excited" about the new website we created and produced for him. Will is a top international competitor who represents the United States at the highest level of three day eventing events.

"We are so excited" about being a part of Will Faudree's career.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Equestrian Practice Flourishes at Calzone Firm

Conventional and New Media Marketing Tools Grow Business for Clients and Firm

(Lafayette, La.) – What began as a life long passion is fueling growth at a Louisiana-based firm. “When you combine everything you know with everything you love, business just shows up,” said Julie Calzone, owner and CEO of Calzone Advertising & Public Relations.

The long time equestrienne, Julie Calzone, has had a life-long passion for horses. Two of the businesses she owns in addition to her advertising and public relations company are rooted in the horse industry.

Calzone Sporthorse is centered on breeding, training and showing top-quality performance horses in dressage, jumping and thoroughbred horse racing. Equine Motorcoach that she co-owns with Tom and Carolyn Stinnett of Louisville, Kentucky, manufactures luxury RVs that also transport horses.

“Owning those businesses helped refine our firm’s skills in marketing equestrian-related businesses,” said Calzone. “The experience that we have is what is attracting clients to us. Our presence in the market has also exposed us to a larger potential client base.”

The firm creates brand, collateral materials (everything from business cards to stall guards), web sites, eMarketing campaigns, ads, events and new media marketing to attract customers, sponsors and build revenue for its clients.

Recent additions to Calzone’s stable of equestrian clients are:

Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association, a statewide thoroughbred race horse breeding and incentive organization with home offices in New Orleans, Louisiana

Sterling Silver Stables, a world-class facility with family values based in Maurice, Louisiana
Honeybrook Farm, training and sport horse breeding facility in Hockley, Texas
Red Sky Ranch, a family equestrian facility in Broussard, Louisiana
Will Faudree, U. S. World Games and top three-day event competitor Gavilan Farm, owned by Will Faudree and located in Hoffman, NC

“Our mission is to create extraordinary and exceptional products to create great wealth for our clients in their lives and business,” said Calzone. “I am always amazed at the tactical and creative solutions that the team here brings to the table. They help this firm achieve its mission.”

Calzone also continues to service its client base in entertainment, recreation, economic development, real estate, energy and other niche markets.

About Calzone
Calzone is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm offering comprehensive and effective communications services. We create smart and innovative products and processes that get results. Our philosophy is based on the power of strong ideas. All of our work flows from this premise. We educate our clients to take the mystery out of the process.

Products: Advertising, public relations, media relations, media buying, websites, eMarketing, eCommunications, social media marketing, strategic planning and tactical initiatives.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Website for Cafe V!

Last night we launched a new website for our fine dining client, Cafe Vermilionville. The restaurant is located in Lafayette, Louisiana and offers an amazing dining experience. It is also known for its spectacular special events.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

OH What Fun it is to Create.

Oats & Hudson has over 20 years of experience in real estate closing. They came to us to create ads that broke through the clutter of conventional ads in real estate media channels. They allowed us to really do our job. Clients are the source of our inspiration.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Calzone to the Rescue.

When a group of horse owners gathered together at the races, the idea of the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association was born. The mission of our group is to ensure that every horse has a loving home after they have finished racing and breeding.

Horses have wonderful temperaments and a willingness to please. They are extremely versatile and have the ability to perform various tasks requested of them. The beauty and disposition of the horse will bring so much joy to a new owner. From pulling a buggy, being a riding horse or even a pasture pet who simply loves to nuzzle, they will give the new owner great satisfaction and pleasure.

Our group never wants any horse to be unwanted or unloved. So please help us in our endeavor. Through education and hands on training we can teach these new owners to fully appreciate their horses.

No horse should go unwanted or unloved. The Louisiana Horse Rescue Association needs your support to help rescue horses from being slaughtered and abused.

That's why we are developing their website and marketing tools. Everyone knows the boss has a soft spot for horses.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You can't do if you aren't in it.

Twitter, Face Book, Blogs, eMarketing,...whatever! How can you do it for your clients if you don't do it for yourself.

We do both! We're on in all of the time. We don't use our clients' money and time to test new strategies. We test them on ourselves first. We promote using the technology at the office. Ours is a place where if you aren't on it, you can't do it.

We're on it. We can do it.

We're even shamelessly soliciting new business with it.

No wonder our clients just let us have our way with them and all of the social media.

We're hungry for them and for ourselves.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Louisiana Bred!

This weekend we're rolling out a new web site for the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association. It only took four months to completely redesign and bring the current website up to today's standards. No more drop down menus (they had drop down and 'drop' up). There are pictures, videos, statistics and an easy client content management system.

Thanks to our technology partners, CBM Technology, the site should be flawless.

Not bad for a couple of Acadiana/Louisiana companies.